I am loving the sweater over shirt look. The colors from the plaid peak out ever so slightly from the grey sweater adding a nice pop to the outfit. I am also wearing my sparkly Forever 21 shoes which I absolutely adore. I bought them last year the second they appeared online. They are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. When I bought them all my friends asked me if I was trying to emulate Michael Jackson, that is not the case… but I do love these shoes and the way they sparkle. 


J. Crew men’s plaid shirt, BF’s J. Crew cashmere sweater, Madewell jeans, Forever 21 shoes, Chloe bag, David Yurman Necklace

This shirt is actually mine (not my BF’s) that I bought from the Mens section. Yes, I shop in the Men’s section of J. Crew (much to my BF’s dismay, I might add). I can’t help it, I’m obsessed with their plaid shirts. They really make the men’s plaid in the best colors there. Sometimes the Mens section of stores have better things, especially if your looking for something that’s a little looser. Loved the colors on this shirt and it’s also flannel… another wonderful bonus. 

horizontalwithbackground2-2969670  upcloseofjewels-3895005

Forever 21 cross ring, Vintage Turquoise ring, YSL ring, Gabi Disney World ring, Aunt’s ring, Pippin Vintage bracelet, Balenciaga bracelet, David Yurman bracelet 

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It’s almost Friday, sort of hard to believe BUT definitely a good thing. I feel like the week just flys by now! I am beginning to think of what to pack for Florida and will be photographing my selections shortly. I’m going to try and post as much as possible on the blog while I’m away but its definitely going to be hard. I’d say I’ll probably post at least once, if not twice (I know that’s not a lot but alas I’ll be on vacay). However, I will be taking pictures constantly, so when I get home I’ll have a lot to show.

Have I said how excited I am to be warm and toasty in Florida… my God I’m a broken record! 

Happy Almost Friday! Gaby

P.S. Please don’t judge me based on my constant overload of J. Crew and Madewell clothes, I just keep on picking out the oufits that way. I shop at other stores I swear!