Honestly, I can’t dress up every day peeps. This is my “we’re going to the movies and I need expandable pants for popcorn” look. That’s right, these are jeggings. I love these jeggings. They were 40 bucks from American Eagle… can’t really beat that. 

I’d like to address a mis-interpretation of the word “jegging”. I understand that they are leggings that look like jeans BUT these are actually jeans, just with a lot of stretchy material in them. I swear, sometimes if I eat too much they become tight, where as leggings would expand. That’s the scientific explanation for you right there.

I’m mildly obsessed with my Superga shoes. They’re very comfortable and are quite cute to look at. I love how I’m jumping around the obvious here…. my new CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL BAG. There’s a story to this baby, of course. Gotta look at the pitchas first to find out. 


Wildfox t-shirt, Splendid waffle top, American Eagle jeggings, Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Superga shoes 

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This is the “I think I’m from the 60’s and under the influence” pose. Definitely one of my best. 

Alright, back to the bag. I ADORE this bag, not only because it’s fluorescent but because it has my initials on it and it’s just so cute. It was the usual package ordeal with me; no one was there at my apartment to sign for it, so I had to put the package on hold and trek over to FedEx to get it. Little did I know FedEx was located in the most random area of the Bronx. The BF and I take a cab there, it’s literally in the MIDDLE of nowhere, with handmade signs leading to the office. Then you go into the building and it’s like they have no idea that their location is so remote… they’re acting all non-chalant and cool… hello FedEx people! It was a pain in the ass to get to your location AND I had to pay an exorbitant amount for the cab. Any ways enough with my rambling. The bag’s amazing, definitely worth the money and the story. Totally lives up to everything everyone says about it. 

I can’t forget to give a little shout out to my Splendid top. If you don’t have one of these waffle shirts definitely invest in one. They’re so comfortable and they’re great for layering. Around Christmas time I got a white and a black one, top notch purchase if I do say so myself.