I love these J. Brand cargos. Barbs bought them for me as a graduation gift. I wore them once last summer and spilled oil on them from a Subway sandwich. The BF, being the loving person he is, tried to soothe my freak out by applying some tide-to-go on the affected area. Unfortunately, the tide-to-go took out all the color from the pants and there was a huge white stain left on them. My solution? Attach a leather patch to the stain, as well as a random patch lower on the pants. I bought the leather from Michaels (greatest store in the world), cut out the shape I wanted and brought them to my trusty dry cleaner to sew on.

Ta-Da! Here is their debut. 


J. Crew t-shirt, J. Crew Denim vest, Fenton/Fallon for J. Crew necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses, J. Brand cargos, Similar Ferragamo shoes, Cambridge Satchel Company bag 

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Highlights of my day include: 

1) Finishing off our anniversary Crumbs cupcake cake with my hands 

2) Watching the Harry Potter special without crying 

3) Painting my nails yellow

4) Finally purchasing a pair of incredibly cheap, but working, headphones (the commute tomorrow is going to be SO much nicer now)