Packing Series Part 1


Hola! Here is another example of my packing prowess. I’ve been traveling a lot on the weekends so I’ve become QUITE the packer. Barbs is so proud.

I am IN LOVE with this skirt. It reminds me of those gorgeous Prada skirts that I can absolutely not afford (now or ever). This skirt was a whopping $40.00 from Zara… can you really beat that price? I literally searched the city for this baby. First, I stopped in Soho, where they searched for the skirt (seeing as they didn’t have it at the store). Lo and behold they told me it was at my favorite Zara, 59th and Lex. I hopped on over there on the slow 6, made my way to the store and walked in with a mission. The skirt was the first thing displayed in the store (literally). I pushed people to the ground just to get to this gem. Seriously, it was intense. I pulled out my 007 moves. 


Ray Ban sunglasses, J. Crew shirt, J. Crew denim jacket, Zara skirt, J. Crew shoes, Balenciaga bag

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I have much more to show of this packing saga over the next few days…please try and control your excitement. I know the anticipation is just unbearable.