1-6770324 5-2320765 3-4081048 4-8300661 2-4166828 Sweater: Madewell, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Oasap, Bag: Alexander Wang, Bracelets: Forever 21, Tiffany&Co, c/o Poshlocket, BaubleBar, David Yurman, Eswera

These shoes are my first and last purchase from Oasap.com. I rarely review sites on here but I feel this experience deserves a rant. Firstly, Oasap.com is RIDICULOUSLY expensive for a place that doesn’t sell any type of brand. I know there’s a huge stigma behind “brand name” clothing, and I’m not trying to say that some brand-less sites* (such as Sheinside.com) aren’t good. But this site is one of those that just doesn’t nail it.

*money saving suggestion: only purchase from these type of sites if it is recommended by someone. 

So, after paying a fortune for these shoes, they come delivered to me in a completely different color than what I ordered. I mean, the shoes I’m wearing here were not what was pictured (or described) when I clicked purchase. And yes, I read the drop down list and selected the color that matched the picture. STILL, I managed to get a completely different shoe. Oasap’s solution to the problem? Send me a 20% off coupon for my next purchase (which will never happen). What I would have liked? How about the correct pair of shoes? And the icing on the cake? These shoes were worn once (as pictured above) and after a day of walking in them, the sole has completely come unglued and the cork part has smushed (that is a professional term). Listen, I know I ain’t no stick, but damn, I was hoping these shoes could support my weight. I’m sure that Prada’s wedges would not do the same. My verdict?

Unless you’re receiving free clothing from Oasap as a blogger, don’t waste your time OR money on this site.