Outfit #1


I have this small issue with picking out what photos I want to use for the blog. You know what that means? You get the whole package. I promise, in the sort of near future, I’ll be better with this.

The Calypso top I’m wearing above is my go to item in the summer. I have the shirt in two colors. I actually wore my ivory one so much that my mom voluntarily bought me another one (that’s when you know it’s serious). The blouses are very light weight and go great over bathing suits for the beach. I just can’t get enough. 

The boots I got from Target. I was inspired by the blog Could I Have That. I think I paid around 20 dollars for them… they’re now a whopping 12 dollars. They are SO comfortable. Not a huge fan of how pointy they are but they’re still awesome. Get them super cheap while you still can!  10blogsize-8400276

Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Calypso top, J. Crew belt, Target boots, Ray Ban sunglasses, Madewell Romper, House of Harlow necklace 

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This last pose is called, “I’m itchy because a mosquito bit me” pose. It’s so realistic because it ACTUALLY happened. Those damn mosquitos in East Hampton are viscous. They just love the smell of my hair products. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Finding out that Taylor Tomasi Hill will be the new creative director for Siegerson Morrison (exciting shiz)! 

P.S. there’s also going to be a reported price cut of 30% on both Sigerson shoes and Belle by Siegerson shoes… woot woot 

2) The air conditioning working in my building… unfortunately it wasn’t a sauna out today so I was constantly freezing. Working out like crazy was actually a welcome change seeing as it warmed me up a bit 

3) Taping Next Food Network Star last night so I could watch it today (yay, DVR is AMAZING)

I’m sorry my highlights can’t be more lengthy today… what can I say, some days are just more eventful than others.