In my mind Kate Bosworth can do no wrong with Jewelmint. Seriously, the stuff is just too amazing for words. Sporting one of the necklaces in this post. You know how I love them statement necklaces. 

Tomorrow is my last day at my job. I’m moving to a different department in my company. Although I’m BEYOND excited, it’s still a little sad to say goodbye to some of my colleagues. Can you keep a secret? I bought them some Crumbs cupcakes to say thank you (you know how I do, I’m cupcake obsessed). What better way to say good bye than with a taste of heaven?


Ray Ban sunglasses, Jewel Mint necklace, Pinkyotto dress, Steven boots, Cambridge Satchel Company bag, American Apparel shorts 


And you thought the poses had stopped… never! The BF constantly screams “Tree”. I do it from time to time of course. This last pose is, “Almost Fall Tree”. As you can see, by my brilliant facial expressions, the leaves are about to fall. It’s almost that time peeps. Can you believe it’s already August 4th? I can’t. 

Highlights of my day include:

1) Getting early access to Pottermore (I am now awaiting my letter from Hogwarts)

2) Running into an old friend on the street 

3) Eating three slices of pizza at work (uy, this diet is no good)

4) The breeze in the morning as I was walking to work (finally it’s not sweltering out)