Oh, It's Shopping Time


We finally did some shopping! Albeit it was only our second day, but still, it was painful to hear that all the stores were closed on Sundays. Don’t worry, we also hit up some cultural spots as well (I’m not that shallow). 


Rag and Bone sunglasses, H&M sweater (similar style here), 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts, Sam Edelman booties, Proenza Schouler bag


 Jewelmint earrings


 From Ring Up: YSL, David Yurman, Forever 21, Tiffany’s, Hermes, Forever 21

topographiedesterrorsblogsize-6631347 The Topographie of Terrors was a very interesting, and chilling, exhibit. It showed the remains of the Gestapo/SS headquarters. At times it can be hard to read all of the horrible things that happened, but it’s also something you must see when you’re in Berlin.  photo-1blogsize-4531383
7blogsize-8800711 On our way to the shops we stopped at Checkpoint Charlie. Basically the point where you could cross from West Berlin to East Berlin when the wall was up (look it up, that’s why the internet was invented). Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of it. But if you want to email Barbs she’ll send you a ton. JK, no way am I giving out my mama’s email address on this thing. 

Anywho, we basically hit up the cultural spots on our way to my main spot… FRIEDRICHSTRASSE. What is Friedrichstrasse you ask? Oh, only one of the best shopping streets in Berlin. You want good shopping? I know the places to go. Check out the list of hot spots on this street: 

1) Quartier 206 (a gorgeous Berlin version of Barney’s. Every city has to have one of these… who can live without a Barney’s-esque store)?

2) COS (A more high end version of H&M that has yet to hit the states. It’s actually owned by the same people, I’m not just making a random comparison. I-n l-o-v-e. Come to America please).

3) H&M (You’ve heard of that store haven’t you? hehe)

4) Comptoir des Cottonniers 

5) Galeries Lafayette (a gorgeous French department store… in the streets of Berlin).



For dinner that night we didn’t go far (peeps we were tired, and my parents and I aren’t as young as we used to be… right Barbs)? We went to this amazing Italian cafe/restaurant called Vapiano. Basically they have three different stations: Salads, Pastas and Pizzas. You go up to the station, tell them what you want, and they make it for you right on the spot. I’ve been to places like this previously but never of this quality. The food was truly delicious. It was a MAD HOUSE but a great experience none-the-less. We seemed to find a hang out spot teeming with locals right outside our hotel doors… perfection. Vapiano is a chain throughout Europe so you can hit it up in another country… definitely worth a try. Can they please open one in NYC, preferably right under my apartment? Great, thanks. 

sideshotwallblogsize-1762066 There were pieces of the Berlin Wall right in front of our hotel (this used to separate East and West Berlin… again people look it up. This is what I like to call Wikipedia time). It’s very interesting to see and hard to imagine that a city could be walled off and split into two. As a New Yorker (who shares the city with bums, crazies and anyone imaginable) you can understand my confusion over the idea of separation. 

Me no likey. 


Great photo (if I do say so myself). It shows you where the wall used to lie. Actually, throughout the city they have bricks in the ground (two in width) to mark where the wall was… on roads and everything. It’s very interesting.


Oh my, that was a lot of talking. At least you’ll have a real person’s guide to the city if you ever go to Berlin, and we’re only halfway through the trip (the Germany part, that is). 

Highlights of that Day include: 

1) COS

2) Galeries Lafayette

3) Sandro 

4) Pasta 

Sick of me yet? (Personally I’m sick of myself… I talked up a storm here). Well, to thank you for your patience, I’m giving away a free belt. CHECK IT OUT.