I am in love with this bag. I had been dying for something Pendelton for the LONGEST time but couldn’t afford any of it. I saw this bag on the Urban Oufitters website and knew I had to have it. They did a collaboration with Pendelton; most of the other things weren’t spectacular but this bag caught my eye, a diamond in the rough. It was the number one item on my Christmas list, and Santa (aka Mom and Dad) granted my wish. It’s really large which is always a huge plus for me. I also adore the pattern and vibrant color.


As you all know my BF worked at J. Crew this past summer. He got amazing deals on so many things and was able to stock up on tons of cashmere sweaters. He has them in all the colors of the rainbow and they are so comfortable. I steal them from him every chance I get, even though he is VERY protective of them. I absolutely love this grey one, especially because it’s a crew neck and all of his others are v-necks. The color is perfect and the cashmere adds an extra layer of insulation… it’s SO warm. 


Club Monaco sweater, Fiona Paxton necklace, H&M shirt, American Apparel leggings, Converse sneakers , Longchamp tote

This is one of the outfits I wore last week while my computer was down. This Fiona Paxton statement necklace was a graduation gift from my parents. My mom and I were purusing through Henri Bendel and got sucked in by the Fiona Paxton section. Her jewelery is so unique and beautiful. We were drawn to this necklace because of the way it frays, it looks almost fur-like when seen up close… I will definitely have to take a detailed shot to post sometime soon. 

Below are a few snapshots from brunch this past weekend in Brooklyn with my BF. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, the only hint I can give is that it was across the street from Ella Cafe in Williamsburg. The food was good. I got french toast which was delicious, with a caramelized banana on top. The BF got some type of beef hash which he really enjoyed as well. 


We officially bought our tickets to Florida last night. Sun here I come! You won’t even recognize me when I get back I’ll be so tan and happy… maybe I’ll actually smile in my pictures (hahha). I actually think I am going to make an effort, however, to crack a small smile every now and then… I mean it couldn’t hurt right?