My Closet in Sketches… Part 2


Do you remember the time? 

It’s funny how blogging works; you meet great friends who are so interesting and talented. With that begin said, check out this INCREDIBLE sketch that Lauren from My Closet in Sketches did. Her talent is just incredible. Thanks Lauren for this wonderful drawing! Head on over to her site to check it out. 

Below are some instagrams from my phone, and by instagrams, I mean mostly foodie pics. 


1. Incredibly delicious hot dog from the Flea Market in Bklyn. It had potato chips crushed on top. I mean, really? Does it get better than that?

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3. I pass by this graffiti everyday, and although I don’t necessarily believe it, (my personal love story with the BF is great) just had to show it. Somehow it’s oddly artistic (in a broody, I just got dumped, sort of way). 


4. A freakin’ cupcake from the Flea Market with bacon on it. That’s right BACON. Need I say more? Yes I do actually, it’s juicy bacon on a sweet, delicious cupcake…. absolutely brilliant. 

a9079e9a92fd417bb33ae0ddd3737c99_7-3780437 5. OBSESSED with Jewelmint. Not only is the jewelry baller… it’s 29.99 per piece. Oh yea, it also comes in the best packaging ever. Thanks Kate (obviously I know her so well that we’re on a first name basis).  0769fab00a87475081ff44e8dabb5216_7-9830428

6. My lunch today… a delicious cone from the Ice Cream Man. Don’t forget to check out the sprinkles on my hand. It’s ok…. I ate those too.

Highlights of my day include: 

1) The most wonderful girls night ever 

2) Eating Peruvian food again

3) Playing with a yo-yo for the first time in years and realizing I had forgotten how to do it (uy)

4) Having my friend tell the absolute funniest story over dinner (hand motions, voices and all)