Mr. Gaby

2blogsize-7569368 Sweater: Theory
T-Shirt: Chaser Jeans: Uniqlo (similar style here) Bag: Balenciaga (similar style here) For Christmas I told Santa I wanted one thing more than anything else. Can you guess what that was? It was this Mr. Dannijo collar. Santa (*cough* mom *cough*) was so generous and got me just what I wanted. I’m pretty sure I almost cried when I opened the box. The collar really is everything I dreamed of and more. At times I find myself just staring at it. 

You know what may be the second best thing ever? (after this collar of course)… Fresh Direct. It really is every working girls dream. I came  home from work, ate dinner and ta-da, a knock at the door and my groceries were here. I have enough blueberry yogurt to last me a lifetime now (and by lifetime I mean till the weekend).