Monday 5.19

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Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Necklace: Madewell, Sweater: J. Crew Men’s, Skirt: Forever 21, Bag: Alexander Wang, 

Boots: J. Crew

Over the past three weeks I have been sick three times – I am a walking, breathing disease. On Saturday morning I woke up with body aches, chills, sore throat and a throbbing headache. 400mg of Motrin later, I was functioning. As the weekend continued, I tried to maintain my normal routine – ignoring the fact that I was incredibly tired and my throat was still hurting. Unfortunately, come Sunday evening, my symptoms hadn’t improved, and as a result, my parents suggested I go to City MD. 

Let me stop this story for a moment to state a fact: I never go to the doctor. When I say never, I really mean never. Both my parents are doctors so I just assume, by birthright, that I don’t need to get anyone else’s opinion on my health. 

Well, this time I gave in and got checked out. What’s funny is that the doctor was so shocked by how bad my throat was that she gave me a shot of decadron(steroid) to calm down the swelling.
I am now taking an exorbitant amount of amoxicillin. 

Antibotics are incredible. 

My throat is feeling better and I am on my way to recovery. 

I think I’m officially a born-again doctor visitor. 

*Photographs taken by the BF.