Mirror, Mirror

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Sunglasses: Target, Shirt: BDG, Tee: Club Monaco, Bag: Chanel, Pants: Forever 21, Boots: Diva Lounge

I have gotten to an age where I am the one ladies turn to on the subway when they are shocked about something or looking for affirmation. Today a woman with two small children looked to me for approval, and I was so shocked it literally took me a minute to respond. “Yes, it is very smokey in here. Definitely a fire”.  My stamp of approval was all she needed for her and her two daughters to be happy.

When did I become the affirmation woman?

Do these people know I often get confused between left and right?

My life has taken a whole new turn and I wasn’t even ready for it. 

I better look into any updates to the MTA schedules tonight to be prepared for tomorrow morning’s commute. Someone could be in desperate need of my help.