Lets Do the Twist


This is my attempt at a professional (but still truly funky Gaby) look. When I showed up at work that day a co-worker said, “Omg you look so fancy, are you going out tonight”? 

Me? Go out? At night? I don’t think so. I’m just happy to dress up for work! 

What I’m wearing here are some of my go to pieces. The Steve Madden leopard wedges, the J. Crew belt, the over-used and abused Zara sweater (that I seem to wear every other day… issues). 

There are always those items of clothing you just gravitate to. This sweater is one of those items. I really need to stop wearing it so often, it’s getting repetitive. I must say though, I’ll be so sad to put it away once summer comes along (I think I’m transitioning to summer clothes this weekend). I’ll have to say a special goodbye to this baby and be sure to smother it in moth balls so it looks just as perfect next winter! After all my complaining about the cold weather, I’m getting sad about putting away my sweaters, uy. 


Zara sweater, J. Crew belt, Madewell necklace, American Apparel skirt, Steve Madden shoes 

jeweleryupcloseblogsize-7502557 braceletdetailblogsize-9975617 My pride and joy, my Dannijo sample sale bracelet. I just love the neon orange flowers. I mean… it’s just perfection; Dannijo bracelet, sample sale, inexpensive, neon orange… all words you just LOVE hearing said in one sentence.  twistagainblogsize-7934075 upcloseofnecklaceblogsize-8776672

It’s the most wonderful time of the blog (I’m imagining this being sung very loud)….

My Crummy (get it?) Review

** For those of you who are new readers crummy is a play on the name Crumbs (cupcakes), my obsession**

crumbscupcake1blogsize-1278608 crumbs3blogsize-3065008 crumbscupcake2blogsize-4137223

I’m dying just looking at these pictures right now. As I’ve promised above, this is my crummy review. The top cupcake, which I’ve conveniently forgotten the name of, was very tasteless (I know I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Crumbs cupcake). Stay away from it, the frosting is hard and there’s nothing inside it, total waste. What can I say, I’m shockingly blunt. Sometimes the crummy truth hurts (I can’t stop with the wonderful puns)!

However, this bottom beauty, the Birthday cupcake, is fabulous. Cream cheese frosting, sprinkles baked in the cake… oh yea, and more cream cheese frosting in the center, I mean this is heaven. I was even tempted to lie and say it was my birthday just to get a candle (the guy said it came with one) but I didn’t. I had to keep my morality intact for the day. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. 


Until my next crummy post (I just can’t stop)!