This top has to be one of my favorites in my entire wardrobe. I bought it several summers ago after seeing it on some skinny girl in Soho. Of course, delusional as I was/am, I decided to buy it thinking it would look the same on me. In that momentary lapse of judgement I forgot I was not a stick. It’s not the most flattering of items but I just adore it. The bright colors, the pattern… it just screams Gaby. I almost gave it away to my cousin but I just couldn’t part with it. Unfortunately, I can’t wear it alone, it tends to slide down, not how I think it’s supposed to be worn. Instead, I finally found a way I could wear it…. layered! I’m wearing it over another favorite of mine, my J. Crew striped tee. Guess when I bought it? That’s right folks… when the BF worked at J. Crew! I think he now regrets ever working there seeing as it spawned my obsession with the store. 


J. Crew shirt, Ya-Ya top, Zara shorts, Aldo shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses, Proenza Schouler bag 

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You will not be able to guess what this last pose is called… ready for it? It’s the “I’m angry at the BF pose”. It gets used quite frequently actually… just kidding! It only comes out when the BF is frustrated about taking pics of me… I can’t really blame him but I have a short temper which results in the face above. So damn attractive. 

I really think this may be one of my favorite outfits I’ve posted on this blog so far. I’m in love with every item I’m wearing. I got the shorts from Zara and they were wayyyyy too long, so, I brought them to my trusty tailor and had them hemmed. Customizing clothes is always the way to go. I’m constantly at my dry cleaners giving them tasks to do. It can be pricey but totally worth it. 

I’ll leave you with those words of wisdom for the day. To shorten it for those who don’t read the entire post (who can blame you really)… customization = pricey = golden. Makes so much sense right?