Last Night


You know that saying, “time flies when you’re having fun”? I think it should be changed to, “time flies when you’re on vacation”. The trip went by so quickly but it was beyond wonderful. I always find myself at ease whenever I’m in Europe. The various countries have so much history. I absolutely love it. 


 Jewelmint earrings, Equipment blouse, Comptoir des Cottonniers skirt (similar style here and here), Sam Edelman booties, Alexander Wang clutch, *Target jacket (similar style here)

*Target jacket is worn below


We went to this INCREDIBLE Dutch restaurant, called Greetje. Greetje is located at Peperstraat 23. The food was BEYOND delicious. We have this thing, that wherever we go, we have to eat the local cuisine. Well let me tell you, Dutch food is yummy. 


The waitress brought us the butter and said, “this is butter and that is pig fat”… then she just walked away. It was cute, my mouth was on the table. Pig fat? No thank you. To each his own though! 


Onion soup… Dutch style. 


OMG so good. I think it’s mashed potatoes with mushrooms and beet sauce and waffles. I mean really? It can’t get much better than that. SO good I was licking my plate.


Bread pudding… get it? Bread and pudding! My parent’s and I went to this swanky restaurant in NYC years ago and we ordered carrot cake. We got a carrot and some cake. It was hysterical. This dessert definitely brought back that memory, although this was much better.

Highlights of that night include: 

1) Having a great, last, family dinner

2) Eating delicious vegetarian food ( I could literally eat that potato mushroom dinner everyday)

3) Wearing one of my FAV Equipment blouses 

4) Taking pictures inside our cool hotel praying they’d come out… and they did! Success.