Kitty Cat

Someone asked me if I like cats because I was wearing this dress. Let me state this here for all the world to see/know. I do not like cats (sorry cat lovers and Kathryn) I like dogs, and when I say I like dogs, I mean I LOVE dogs. PHEW. Glad I got that off my chest.

Regardless, of my dog affinity, I searched high and low for this dress. It was sold out everywhere (this was back in the day when Zara did not have an online store). I literally called every store in the city; searched far and wide. In one of them they even told me that they had it. LIES. It was a different dress. So what does Gaby do in a dire time such as this? Ebay it. That’s right people, you want something, and you can’t find it… Ebay’s the way to go. 


Karen Walker sunglasses, Zara dress, Club Monaco blazer, American Apparel shorts, London Sole shoes, Chloe bag, Jewelmint earrings


Highlights of my day include: 

1) Seeing the BF when I came home

2) A delicious korean feast for dinner 

3) Anticipating my trip to Cali in October (OMG so excited) 

4) Realizing I leave for Europe on Saturday

Does anyone have any suggestions of good places to shop in Berlin and or Amsterdam? Come on I know one of you has a good suggestion! 

What is that you said? You want an Equipment blouse? Alright, enough whining already. I have one here fo free: GIVEAWAY