Jump, Jump


Loving my Pirates of the Caribbean look aren’t ya? All jokes aside, let’s talk business here. J. Crew = heaven. I think that’s one of my blog’s many mantras. I’m in love with their Minnie Stretch Pants which, conveniently, I’m wearing here! Any pair of bottoms that has stretch in the name are my kind of pants… just kiddin… (sort of). 


Zara vest, J. Crew shirt, J. Crew pants, Aldo shoes

popsugarblogsize-3468274 meraisingmyhandsblogsize-4007613 jumping1blogsize-6208020 Finally… the jump is a success! Can’t you see the lift off in this last picture? And it’s by far one of my most flattering poses…. hahahha. Let’s take a step back for a moment…. that was a joke peeps. This pose I call “Lift Off”. So far on this blog we’ve seen the “Bat”, the “Monkey” and “Lift Off”. I mean, who’s not happy to learn these poses, they’re really essential to success, not just in fashion, but in life people, LIFE.