Jamberry Nails

untitled-1-4459521 I’m a nail and cuticle bitter – it’s ironic as I’ve always been conscious of how I dress and represent myself publicly. As everything else that’s recently been featured on my blog, my cousin introduced me to Jamberry Nails – she was hosting a party on the site and suggested I buy some of the products.  

I have to admit I was incredibly skeptical to click the purchase button. 

Not surprisingly, I was wrong. 

These nail stickers are amazing. Every time I wear them someone asks me where I got my nails done. And the best part? 

They never chip! 

While in Florida I tried my cousin’s Jamberry dryer and loved that as well. I’m now decked out in Jamberry products – my cousin has no idea the monster she created. 

When I used to paint my own nails I hated how they would sometimes bubble or smudge. Well, these nail stickers don’t do that. 

Now my nails are long and beautiful. I’ll never say I won’t be a nail and cuticle bitter again, but these nail stickers have certainly changed that habit. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of nail stickers visit Jamberry Nails and mention Fashionable Collections upon check out! 

*Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto. Images taken from Jamberrynails.net.