I hadn’t been to Forever 21 in ages. The BF and I went shopping with his sister at Forever for her birthday and I snagged this awesome skirt. I know what you’re all thinking after reading that, “wow you took her shopping and you bought something”? Don’t worry peeps, she bought lots too! 

Back to skirt talk… totally loving the floral pattern and the subtle hints of blue. Best part? It was 20 dollars. That’s right, 20 freakin’ dollars. 

These ballin’ cuffs are from H&M. I’m really into the two cuff, jail look. Totes stylin.


J. Crew boots, Forever 21 skirt, Joie t-shirt, Madewell jacket, J. Crew belt, Proenza Schouler bag, H&M cuffs 

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I really will not give up on the skirt-swirl pose. The BF thinks I’m a little strange, as I’m sure my neighbors do as well. Whatevs, these things happen. One day, I’ll get it and everyone will think I’m a genius and then I’ll be the one laughing… mauahaha. 

P.S. Can we please acknowledge how close Harry Potter is? O.M.G. CAN’T wait!!