It was a Bklyn Kind of Weekend


I absolutely ADORE this shirt. The fringe on the side is pretty awesome. I especially like the pattern on the front. It’s also pretty baggy which I’m a huge fan of. 

The collar was like $10.00 from H&M. Bomb purchase (just made up that phrase woot woot). I’d been searching for one, and this design (as well as the price) were just callin’ my name. 


H&M collar, Proenza Schouler bag, Karen Walker sunglasses (not pictured above), Barney’s shoes, American Apparel skirt, As Is shirt, J. Crew belt

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This last pose I call, “Hey, come check out my fringe” pose. Pretty awesome, right? 

I forgot to give a shout out to my shoes in the beginning. I bought them for a Sweet Sixteen when I was 15 years old (that’s right I’m a year younger than most peeps in my grade). It’s pretty awesome that I’ve had them for so long. I really love the color and the little bow at the top… so cute.

Highlights of my weekend include: 

1) Going to Bushwick to this awesome thrift store that my friend Steffy showed me 

2) Walking around in the 400 degree weather with friends, in Bushwick, looking for a cab… priceless

3) Going to an amazing open market in Green Point courtesy of my friend, Arom
4) Buying a water from some adorable children selling them on the street and getting a free silly band with it (GREAT deal)

5) Eating SO much food at said market, including the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had

6) Drinking TONS of iced hibiscus tea (yum)

7) Eating mini Crumbs cupcakes 

8) Walking around my spotless apartment (yay)