You guessed it… this is a foodie post! 

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart or, more importantly, vegetarians. 

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Could you figure out what it was? Even if you didn’t, it says it right above! That’s right folks, I made meatloaf! 

Don’t you have a meal or two from your childhood that you’ll always remember/ love? Meatloaf is definitely that for me. I loved meatloaf when I was younger and used to eat a ton of it (this was back when I was playing tennis and could eat anything). I would literally stuff myself on this good stuff. And now that I’m older, and more wise (yes, you’re right that has nothing to do with anything), I’ve started making meatloaf myself. The BF loves it, and for once we actually agree on a meal, thus it’s one I try and cook often. 

Above is a little taste of what’s to come. Sorry if I’ve burned anyone’s corneas. I guess I should have put a warning before this picture as well. Talk about man repelling, or more appropriately termed, human repelling. I mean come on people, what could be more repulsive than this! I’ve got it goin’ on, I know.