Hop Shing

4-3212064 3-2040260 2-7866913 1-8341989 5-5084640 6-5961769 In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to post about my mom’s favorite food – Chinese. Every year for Mother’s Day my mom requests soup dumplings from Joe’s Shanghai. We had a delicious dinner from there tonight but I think next year I may petition to have more traditional Chinese food, such as the fare featured above.  The BF’s family knows their food, so for a family member’s birthday, we went to an incredible Chinese restaurant, Hop Shing. It’s hard to pin-point my favorite item as everything was so good.  I have been dying to go back to Hop Shing – it is easily one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. 

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day mom – I love you. 

*Photographs taken by Gabriela Monsanto.