Hippie Bippie


I went to Free People several months ago and found these pants. They are SO comfortable I could not believe it. I absolutely LOVE the exaggerated bell bottom. What beats bell bottom, loose, floral pants… NOTHING! 


Ray Ban sunglasses, Joie blouse, Proenza Schouler bag, Free People pants, J. Crew wedges 

2blogsize-3931769 6blogsize-4851945 5blogsize-1819379 3blogsize-3487728 This last pose is called, “Thumbs up BF, you took a great photo” pose.

Highlights of my day include: 

1)Almost getting hit by a homeless man and his basket of things… is the universe trying to tell me something? 

2) Going from sweating outside, to freezing… this weather is killer 

3) Hearing that a book that I love, Sarah’s Key, has been made into a movie and is coming out Friday! OMG I can’t wait (I absolutely had no idea). 

4) Remembering (albeit randomly) that my mom used to love Star Trek, and watching it, when I was little. I would hate when she turned it on and plead with her to turn it off (sounds like the BF and I when I watch my shows). Secretly though, I found Star Trek sort of interesting… she can never know! 😉 

5) Sitting in a subway car with no air conditioning (I always have to add a con). I saw a car with seats and was so excited, then I got in there and was hit with a wave of heat… it was disgusting. I tried to stick it out for the seat, but after two stops I couldn’t breathe anymore so I ran to the air conditioned car (and I found a seat after a couple stops)… yay! 

6) The cuz eating dinner with the BF and I at a yummy italian restaurant in our neighborhood