Gotham West Market

14-4543246 6-8051204 7-7958423 12-9069906 4-6020143 9-1056865 11-5223931 8-5160341 3-5912007 10-3661190 1-9700497 I had no idea that we lived so close to a food market until my mom suggested we visit Gotham West for dinner. The highlight of the visit was certainly Jeni’s ice cream. My dairy allergy prevents me from having ice cream, however, it does not hold me back from eating sorbet! The riesling poached pear sorbet is heavenly. It’s so addicting that I’ve since scoured NYC to find where they stock it for sale. Unfortunately, I don’t have such rave reviews for the savory food. I was hugely disappointed by Ivan Ramen. There was something strange tasting about the soup and the smoked whitefish donburi was overly fishy.  I don’t think I’ll be seeking out Gotham West for my next dinner, however, I’d definitely stop by for a cone of sorbet. 

*Photographs taken by Gabriela Monsanto.