So, it’s a very short post this time around. I just had to show this outfit. I absolutely LOVE this sweater I found at Zara. Again, a mere $39.90. Seriously, that store is insane. The sweater reminds me of the Isabel Marant sweater that Kate Bosworth wears everywhere, I’m very proud of my purchase. God, I’m a great shopper. 

If you couldn’t tell by now, my favorite stores are Zara and J. Crew… it’s a disease. 

Let’s not forget my imitation Fiorentini & Baker boots by the ever so great Steve Madden. This outfit is just faux everything. I’m cool, I know. 


J. Crew Denim jacket, J. Brand jeans, Zara sweater, Steve Madden boots, Urban Outfitters hat 


Sometimes the best outfits are the most simple. Confucius said that I think (hehe).