2-4274869 3-5983650 4-6803088 photo-7-7311759 5-7272461 1-9307061 As a promotion for Everlane’s Modern Loafer a friend and I visited their NYC showroom. I had been eyeing some Everlane goods online but never made any purchases. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of their pieces – particularly the tees. 

Unfortunately the party was a madhouse, so we didn’t get to try on the loafers. I do like them in the olive color, however, I’m not sure I can justify spending $165.00 dollars on them – simply because everything else from this brand is very reasonably priced. 

My favorite part of the party was the floral arrangements. I have officially gathered ample inspiration for future get togethers of my own.

*Photographs taken by Gabriela Monsanto.