Doin' the Polka


Today’s post is a long one… so let me warn you in advance. We’re back in Europa, for our last day in Berlin! We had quite the trip in Germany and the last day we tried to hit up all the spots we were dying to go to but hadn’t seen yet. We continued our hop-on hop-off bus tour around a different section of the city which allowed us to get off at places we hadn’t seen yet… (don’t judge me, but I fell asleep for part of it, uy the jet lag). What can I say, the bus lulled me to sleep.


 Minkpink blouse, Levi shorts, Sam Edelman booties, Proenza Schouler bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, Target jacket(similar style here)

*the Target jacket is featured below


The East Side Gallery showcases the Berlin Wall with various paintings on it. It’s really quite spectacular. It’s shocking to think that there was an entire wall surrounding the city. I still can’t get over it.


Our best friend aka the tour bus.


Our last stop of the day was the Jewish museum. I really couldn’t leave Berlin without seeing it. It was quite moving. I particularly liked how interactive it all was. It really pushed you to create a community with those around you which was quite a nice feeling to have when you’re in a place like that.


 Holocaust Garden


This was perhaps the most moving part for me. When you first enter there’s a place where you can write on these fruit shaped papers. You write down a wish and you hang it on a tree amongst other people’s wishes. It was beautiful. 


Usually on this blog I try to be as funny and sarcastic as I possibly can (because that’s actually my real life personality). I just want to take a moment to say I’m Jewish, and although I don’t practice any of the holidays, it was still very moving to see the various places in Berlin (the Jewish museum, the Holocaust memorial). It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that something that horrendous happened; that people could do such horrible things to others. That being said, I think it was good for me to see the city. It’s definitely a place everyone should visit at some point. 

Phew, that was too serious for my liking. Back to my normal self. 

Highlights of that day include: 

1) Falling asleep on the tour bus (it was very soothing) 

2) Taking the buses 30min break in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around to do… it was funnies

3) Getting excited for our flight to Amsterdam the next day