Cutting for Stone


Remember when I professed my love for Howard Roark? Well, I think I’ve met my next fictional match.

I just finished Cutting for Stone and it was an absolutely stunning novel. I’m beyond pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations. 

Ghosh, is one of my favorite characters in a long time. He has that same type of passion for what he does that I admired in Roark. It’s refreshing to read a story with such fully developed subjects.  

When there was sadness in the book, I really felt it because I was so connected to them. In many ways, the main family reminded me of my own. 

The book brought up a lot of hard emotions for me as it made me face my cousin’s death again. But I think a huge part of healing is facing things head on. 

The story is about love, family and forgiveness. It focuses on two twin boys growing up in Ethiopia and the hardships they encounter. 

While I myself am not a twin (and I suspect many of you are not either) this book really does speak to a more general feeling of love for your family.

If you’re a reader, and you have not read this book, I think you’re missing out. 

It’s really that good.

It’s really that beautiful.

It’s really that true. 

*Collage made by me.