Chica con Chicos


Funny story about these pants. I was in the elevator at work and a girl asked me where I got them. Slightly embarrassed I said, “Chicos”. I then continued to ramble on about how my mother would be proud of me for shopping there etc etc. Needless to say she quickly ran away from me the second the elevator opened. That’s me, an awkward gabber. 

These pants were just too amazing to pass up. Honestly, I could care less where they’re from; the print on them is so awesome. And you know what? My mom was proud that I bought something from Chicos (it’s her favorite store). She even gave me her five percent VIP discount… that’s what I call love. 


Equipment blouse, Chicos pants, Urban Outfitters shoes, Alexander Wang bag

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Left to Right: Forever 21 bracelet, China Town ring, YSL ring, YSL ring, Tiffanys bracelet, Hermes bracelet, David Yurman bracelet, Madewell bracelet 

I’m rejoicing in the last several photos because it’s actually sunny out. Woohoo. I’m beginning to feel like I’m living in a rain forest… and by rain forest, I mean rain city. 

If there is one thing I love more than baked goods (yes there is one thing) it would have to be Equipment blouses. They’re always my go to items in my closet. I absolutely adore them. My next investment will have to be an electric blue sleeveless Equipment blouse. Perhaps the BF will get it for me for our anniversary. I really need to stop though, my love for Equipment is an addiction. 

Wait a second… me stop shopping? I’ll never stop… muahaha.