So Irene came, and we’re still alive. I don’t want to underestimate other people’s suffering from this hurricane but nothing happened here. By nothing I mean LITERALLY nothing. It lightly drizzled and was a little windy. We stayed locked in our apartment though, it was a nice excuse to not go out. We really couldn’t go anywhere seeing as the whole city was on lock down. They closed all public transportation. I’ve never heard of that before. The subways were up and running during that horrific blizzard, I know because we went to see a movie the night it snowed a million feet.  The BF and I wanted to see a movie today and even the theaters were closed… INSANITY. 

This skirt I got from the Barney’s Warehouse sale last year. LOVES IT. Speaking of Barney’s they have another sale going on now… I’ll have to hit it up. The necklace is Dannijo. I couldn’t like an accessory more. The little white stones remind me of teeth… strange, I know, but that’s me! 


Ray Ban sunglasses, Dannijo necklace, Equipment blouse, J. Crew belt, Helmut Lang skirt, J. Crew shoes, Proenza Schouler bag 


Highlights of my weekend include: 

1) Rearranging our apartment in an attempt to be farther away from our windows and then loving the new arrangement 

2) Taping up the windows intensely only to fend off a rain storm

3) Drinking a delicious snickers shake from the Lite Choice (doesn’t sound very lite to me) 

4) Walking around trying to find the one place that would be open to have brunch, lo and behold the only place open was Subway (even Starbucks was closed) 

5) Scouring the city for D batteries only to find that everyone and their mother had bought them

6) Filling up our bathtub with water (a day later we never lost electricity or water… clearly we were very prepared) 

7) Buying the LAST gallon of water from Duane Reade only to be laughed at by the sales man (he actually followed us out of the store and asked us if we just snatched the last one… he then proceeded to laugh hysterically)

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