Back to the Basics


I had forgotten how short this skirt was. You don’t even want to know how low I’m wearing it in these pictures for it to be barely acceptable. I do like to be scandalous every now and then, but this is even too much for me. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of this skirt though (you’ll find out more soon).

I love this t-shirt. I got it from Club Monaco, and I’m telling you, it feels exactly like those T by Alexander Wang t-shirts everyone loves, but it was half the price. I have it in an oatmeal color as well. Score. 


Forever 21 necklace, Scoop NYC belt, Club Monaco t-shirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, Pleasure Doing Business skirt, Steven shoes, Proenza Schouler bag 


YSL ring, Nixon watch


Low Luv X Erin Wasson cuff


I’m so exhausted right now I can’t even crack a joke before the highlights of the day.

Highlights of my day include: 

1) CRUMBS at work (you heard me correctly). Oh it gets better. Once the Crumbs were delivered, and people were deciding what to have, everyone looked to me for guidance. So in true cupcake guide fashion, I stepped to the front of the group and proceeded to tell everyone what each cupcake was and what was inside. Afterwards everyone asked me if I had worked at Crumbs before… nope, I’m just plain old obsessed (to assuage those who are curious, I had a cookie dough cupcake). 

2) Eating dinner at a restaurant I had been dying to go to and finding out that all my expectations were met (and that some went even above and beyond). 

3) Eating Patatas Bravas again (no one can understand how much I love these things, I ate them on repeat in Barcelona). 

4) Spending time with my bestie (always a highlight of my day, I must say)