All About Leather


I love this leather dress. My parents bought it for me for graduation, (we had a little shopping spree). When my mom purchased it she said, “you can’t gain an ounce in that dress!” Well ha mom it’s a year later and I fit into it better than last year… so there! (hehe). It is a little on the shorter side but I still like it. Generally, I like to wear longer things but I think it still looks pretty good. The silver shoes are from J. Crew (big shocker there) I got them on sale last summer and with my BF’s discount they were insanely cheap. I love the silver color, it makes them stand out against most any outfit. The shape of the shoe is so classic as well, I have them in two colors black and silver. I adore J. Crew’s ballet flats (among many other things). 


Equipment shirt, Zara leather dress, Wolford tights, J. Crew ballet flats 

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Here I’m trying to emulate my inner True Grit, ala Hailee Steinfeld… yea right. I had this outfit stored on my desktop and it’s another one that I really like so I just had to share it. Everything I’m wearing I bought several years ago (aside from the belt) and it all looks pretty good. I love pieces that can stand the test of time… saves me a lot of money over the years! 


American Colors shirt dress, J. Crew belt, Club Monaco sweater, Forever 21 hat, Chloe Bag, J. Crew tights, Steve Madden boots 

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Saturday night the BF and I watched Anthony Bourdain No Reservations (love that show), he went to Colombia so we were inspired to have hispanic food. There’s a great little place in the city (I think they have several different locations) called Cafe Con Leche. We go there frequently and their food is delicious. Our favorite, is of course, the sweet maduros, they’re like candy. The meal definitely satisfied our hispanic food craving, take that Anthony Bourdain! 

We went food shopping tonight so back to my nightly cooking, I must say I’m starting to like it MUCH better than take out which is good because we were ordering out way too much before. On Thursday some college friends are coming over for a dinner party. We all used to cook together when we were in college, and by we cooking I mean me. I’m planning on making meatballs… can’t wait!