ALC & Shopbop Giveaway WINNER!

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The day has finally come, a winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Toni, you are now the proud owner of a $100 dollar gift card to Shopbop! I’m honestly so jealous, so many wonderful things on that site and seeing as I’m a shopaholic, uy the possibilities! Anyway, congratulations Toni! I hope you share with me what you get in the future.  

Also, for those of you who feel as if you’ve been jipped and you want to win something, I’m in the works of having several more giveaways in the near future (and by near future I literally mean this week and upcoming weeks to follow), so stay tuned and try again! 

Now to some clothes talk. One of my favorite brands is ALC. Their things are so beautiful. When I went to the Barney’s warehouse sale I stocked up on lots of ALC goodies, including this long sleeve dress I’m wearing below. I absolutely love the color and it has some really awesome rouching* up the side of the dress, loves it! 

*excuse the fact that this may be spelled wrong, it’s not coming up in my spell check but you guys know what I mean… I hope!


ALC dress, Amsterdam Handmade necklace, Zara shoes, Club Monaco sweater (not pictured but worn below)

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I played tennis in Amsterdam when I was in High School; it was an amazing experience. Being the shopper that I am, I had to find cool places to go and unique things to find. I came across this bead shop that had hand-made gorgeous necklaces. I snagged this one above. It was hiding in the back of my closet for a few years and I came across it during the summer. I absolutely love the green color and the random beads mixed throughout. I have taken to wearing it now quite frequently. It actually broke over the summer and I took it to my jeweler (yes, I have a jeweler) and he was able to fix it (after a long discussion on how he probably wouldn’t be able to… I won’t go into details). I’m so glad that it’s back to normal. That man is a godsend, along with my shoe guy and my tailor. 


I was possessed by Tyra here. When are you guys going to vote me onto America’s Next Top Model? I clearly have the poses all set. I understand you’re a little hesitant because you haven’t seen my walk yet but let me guarantee you it’s top notch.*

*I hope you all know that I’m beyond joking with this

I’m trying to have a little more fun here with these photos. If anything it allows me to work on my comedy routine.

Anywho, it’s late and I have to pack up my winter stuff because guess what? I’m going home tomorrow! Yay! Barbs is picking me and the BF up and we’re heading home. I can’t wait to be in my nice house (where my room is literally bigger than my entire apartment) and lie in my oh so comfortable bed and frolic around town (yes, I frolic). It should be great. 

Photos to come, don’t you fret (I know none of you were of course).

AH one last thing. Happy Passover people! And almost, Happy Easter! I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to religion. My mama is Jewish and my dad is Christian, thus I love everyone. I’ve been eating tons of Matzo this week in the passover tradition. I love it (I think I’m the only one who does seeing as no one else is eating it in my office). It really doesn’t taste like cardboard people, it’s actually quite delicious, and has 0 fat calories! What could be better?