collageofoutfit-9256988  This outfit is a little more glam than usual. This Vera Wang for Kohls top is so great because it was inexpensive but looks Proenza-esque. Seeing as I can’t afford any Proenza clothes in the near future, this will have to do. I definitely think it’s a great alternative. The skirt I’m wearing was a gift for Christmas. You’ll never guess where it’s from… J. Crew! What can I say, I’m officially obsessed. The golden color really adds a nice pop to any outfit.  individualshot-9417264 

LF fur collar, Vera Wang for Kohls top, J. Crew belt, J. Crew skirt, J. Crew tights, J. Crew shoes, Chloe bag 

I realize I wear a lot of J. Crew but what more can I say than that I love it? The LF fur collar and Vera Wang top add a little variation to my J. Crew overload. 


It’s getting a little warmer out and also stays lighter later into the evening, so I’m finally attempting some pics outside. It’s hard because after I get out of work it’s usually pitch black outside. Once summer time rolls around I should be able to get some nice scenery in the background of my photos. Florida will be a nice change for that as well. 

mewithwhitebackground2-5516248  picwithwhitebackground1-6584558  newpurchasecoinbracelet-7559631  This is the last purchase from my crazy spending weekend. I saw this at Pippin and knew I had to have it. It’s sort of like a charm bracelet. I absolutely love the way it hangs on my wrist and it is definitely a great addition to my ever growing bracelet collection. 

There’s very little time now until I head to Florida! I have to start thinking of what I’m going to pack. I’m going for a week, which is the longest vacation I’ve taken in a while, so I’ll have to think up many different and great outfits. Packing can be fun because you want to try and mix and match a small amount of clothes to make various outfit arrangements. I will definitely be posting some of my packing choices before I leave on Sunday.  Also, this weekend is my photo class with my dad! I can’t wait to learn some new tricks on Photoshop to enhance my digital artwork. I’m also hoping to soon invest in a new lens for my camera so my photos come out sharper and better. And by me investing I mean me convincing my Dad that we need a new lens for the camera… I can be every persuasive when I want to be (haha).

And I cooked for the first time in a month last night! It was a huge success, I made my own tomato sauce. The BF loved it, so I’m on to my next culinary creation tonight. Hopefully it will be a little more photogenic than last nights pasta!

Happy Hump Day!