Tucker it Up


Another Target Colab. dress! I just can’t help myself when it comes to these cheap beauties. Barbs bought this for me on a trip to Target. It was hiding underneath the loads of other items in the 30% off rack. Not only was it cheap to begin with but it was DAMN cheap after the discount. Really gotta love Target. 

I’ve honestly always wanted something Tucker but their things are too expensive, generally, and the tops are a little short for my liking. This Tucker for Target dress was the perfect compromise (can’t you hear the violins playing, this is a magical moment people). 


Zara jacket, Tucker dress, Urban Outfitters sandals

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My poses were pretty normal this time around. I just clapped myself on the back as a gesture of success. Everyone has to give themselves a little love/ credit now and then. 

And that, as they say in show-biz, is a wrap.