LOVE these shoes. Very Gladiator, I feel like I should be fighting a battle in the Coliseum in these babies. Absolutely love that they have studs as well, can’t get enough of my studs. The blouse was a gift from my mama. She’s too nice to me, but I love her a lot so it all evens out (I hear my five year old self saying, “ewww you’re too mushy, yuck”).


Joie blouse, Alexander Wang bag, J. Crew shorts, J. Crew shoes

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I wish I could say that I remember the brand of this cardigan but sadly I don’t and at the moment it’s packed up with my winter things. Oh well, what can ya do? 

This weekend was oddly productive for my standards… I’m quite shocked… I never knew I could be so active. This gives me renewed faith in myself hahah. People call me superwoman for a reason (yea right, more like lazy woman or grandma as my tennis coaches used to say).