Anine Bing


Anine Bing, Asos, Hippie Laundry, Qupid

I am a fashion blogger cliche- I love Anine Bing. If I weren’t constantly reading blogs, and blogger instagrams, I don’t think I would have heard of the designer. I’ve always been a fan of bohemian style and Anine’s take on the trend is perfection.  Anine’s price-point is mostly out of my budget, so I did what I do best and found cheaper alternatives.  A couple of months back Anine had a sale on her site and I was able to buy her black cowboy boots at half the original price, however, I had already purchased the Qupid imitations. The Qupid boots look so similar to the real thing that I often can’t distinguish between the two. 

*Photographs taken from cheetahisthenewblack. Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto.