Starry Night


I can’t believe the weekend is already over! I had quite an exciting one filled with shopping, eating, and Barneys. I must say I went a little crazy in the spending department this weekend but I really did get some great things. My friend and I traveled from West 17th to Soho in search of great new items. I’ve only posted the items that I bought from the Barneys sale today, and will post the rest of the new items tomorrow. My computer was acting weird last night and was taking forever to load. 

Hint: I purchased about 75% of what was on my wish-list from Friday! lookbookpost-6451932

Zara turtleneck, Theory sweater, Pinkyotto dress, J. Crew Tights, J. Crew booties, Chloe bag 


House of Harlow ring, YSL ring, Gabi Disney World ring, Aunt’s ring, Tiffanys bracelet 


Chloe bag 

This pocket book was given to me as a birthday gift from my parents when I was in High School. Each year they try to get me a nice/durable pocketbook for my birthday. I love this one for obvious reasons… the studs! I’m also obsessed with the leather, it looks so worn but great at the same time. The brown color with the dark brown accents is perfect. The bag also has a long strap to carry on the shoulder and it’s big… need I say more? 



This past weekend I decided to brave the epic Barneys Warehouse Sale. I try and go every time but was discouraged in the beginning of this season’s sale because of my lack of funds. This past weekend was the last two days and they had HUGE discounts. All the woman’s wear was 50% off the already discounted prices. I’d fallen in love with ALC while working at EDIT over the summer but could never afford their things because they’re so expensive. At the sale I found two ALC dresses which I fell in love with and was able to purchase for 60 dollars each! 

The striped ALC dress above, as well as the Helmut Lang skirt below, I tried on at the actual store and did not purchase (thank God). When I went on Saturday to the sale I only bought the two pieces below, but after leaving I kept on thinking about the striped ALC dress that I didn’t buy. It seemed perfect for those balmy Florida nights (yay only one more week) so I woke up early on Sunday to run and get it. I was so happy I got there early because they only had one left and it was hidden behind some other dresses on the rack. I’m very, very happy with my purchases. I must say this was the most successful sale they’ve ever had (for me at least) and I will definitely be returning for their next one (but definitely the last weekend so I can get the extra discounts)! 

For those of you who didn’t go, the atmosphere there is insane. I’d say it was the most hectic environment I’ve ever encountered with one of their sales. Women were trampling over one another, it’s hot and wreaks of sweat. It’s seriously a very unique experience. On Sunday people were clamoring for the last goods so women were just changing at will in the middle of the shopping floor, without even going to the dressing room. It was priceless. 


This skirt I fell in love with last season at Barneys. I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time and when I found it at the sale, in my size, I knew I had to have it; it was fate. The pattern is just too great to pass up. 


I’ve decided that I’m going to  try and incorporate a small food section in here every now and then. The BF and I love food/ going out to eat so I figure it’s great to incorporate some of our culinary adventures here as well. I haven’t been cooking as much as I used to but I am planning on picking it up again and, hopefully, will be able to include some of my feasts in here as well. 

I couldn’t believe it but my BF joined me at the Barneys sale Sunday. He absolutely hates to shop so I was shocked that he would come along. Afterward, we went to The Viceroy for brunch. It was delicious and their homefries definitely made up for his unhappiness at the sale.  grasshoppercupcake-5726114  My second love, the Grashopper cupcake, from Crumbs.  frieswithborder-6326793  tomatoeggswithborder-8881847 eggswithtoastwithborder-3657545 hashbrowns-3409338 virginmary-9981752 

My favorite drink of all time is a Virgin Bloody Mary, and what better time to have it then at Sunday brunch. 

This weekend I was also featured in the Looks of the Week at Check out my look, as well as the others, here. lookoftheweekpic-2464941

I have a busy night planned of food shopping and cooking which should be fun. I have a lot of great things to look forward to, this weekend my dad and I are taking a two day intensive digital photography course at the ICP and then Sunday I’m headed to Florida. I can’t wait to be tan and warm! 

Have a great Monday.