10 or 09


DIY (c/o BF)

Get ready to awwww.

For Valentines day the BF signed us up for a stamping and engraving class at my fave spot, Brooklyn Charm. 


BF: “That’s right I got you both engraving and stamping because I love you”.


Because the BF is so manly and strong he was infinitely better at it than I was. 

Even our teacher was impressed. 

He stamped the pendant above and I DesignItYourself’d it into a necklace.


As we’re waiting on line to pay, I look down and say:

“Wow, it feels like we’ve been together much longer than that”.

BF: “Shit, you’re right, we started dating in 2009”.

It’s actually a better necklace now because of the error. 

Time just flies when you’re having fun. 

Collage made by me.