Part 4


You know when you buy something and you wear it over and over again and in the end you think to yourself, “damn, that was a good purchase”. That is what this Madewell denim shirt is. My golden item… along with these J. Crew wedges, which weren’t really my purchase, they were the BF’s purchase (of course guided by me). I’m like Rachel from Friends, buy me the wrong gift and I’ll return it, it’s best to have me state specifically what I want… size and all hahah. I’m high maintenance what can I say. I’ll admit it. I always tell the truth people. I ain’t ashamed!


Madewell shirt, Zara skirt, J. Crew wedges, Balenciaga bag 

sidelookblogsize-9996873 goodluckposeblogsize-6416910 smilingblogsize-5351019

The second to last picture is my newest pose to add to the collection, the “good luck”. Like it? Can’t you just imagine that lovely face sending you off to a test or a job interview? Two thumbs up and a wink, classic. Let’s not forget the little hip pop going on there too. All the makings for the best luck EVER.