Modern Tinkerbelle


Skirt: American Eagle

Bag: Zara

My family and I are Disney OBSESSED. Anytime I can dress Disney inspired I’m all over it. I felt very Tinkerbelle in this tulle skirt. It has just the right amount of puffiness vs. normal-ness.

Many of you have asked what I learned at the Lucky Fabb Conference. I think there are two key points I walked away with. One, always be true to yourself. Show your uniqueness and don’t shy away from it on your blog. Being original is awesome, so show it off!

Second, YOU (aka the readers) are the most important element of any blog. You should try and cater your content to what your reader’s like and you’ll never go wrong. 

On that note, I’d love to open this topic up for discussion. Is there anything you want to see on the blog that you’re not getting? Is there a certain type of post you want more of?

Talk to me people! 

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