FNO? More like FNI


Unlike the rest of NYC, I’m spending my Fashion Night In (FNI). I made a pact not to shop and now I’m sticking to it! I’m just as shocked as all of you. It did look like a lot of fun though. Working downtown didn’t help anything either; all the stores were playing music, people we’re laughing with shopping bags… I could cry right now just thinking about it (just kidding I’m not THAT jealous).

This has to be one of my favorite outfits. A zebra print shirt? A funky necklace? Wedges? Hello! It’s perfection up in hur. 


Dannijo necklace, Zara blouse, Balenciaga bag, American Eagle jeans, Zara wedges


Can I please tell you that right now I’m listening to football at an ear deafening volume all because the BF is beyond obsessed? Honestly, he screamed and pounded something (his chest perhaps?) for about five minutes when the game started. I’m pretty sure his chant went something like, “first game of the season baby” (and I thought I was the crazy one). 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Anticipating my trip to Harvard tomorrow 

2) Going a second day without buying anything (an actual feat for me mind you) 

3) Eating yummy yummy thai food for dinner

4) Seeing all the gorgeous outfits from Fashion Week start to appear on Bloglovin’ (hurray inspiration)! 

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