March 2011


This weekend was very uneventful, however, I was able to accomplish a lot of what I wanted. I finally cleaned up the entire apartment. We have a studio, so space is limited. When we moved in one of our requirements was desk space for my BF to study at. It turns out that he likes to study best at our coffee table (of course we buy this nice desk and instead he likes to sit on the floor at our coffee table), so this weekend I took over the desk space to use as my blogging area. I am very excited about it. It will definitely make blogging a lot easier!

This outfit includes some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Obviously I have nothing bad to say about these shoes as I stated in this post here. The lace top I saw at Zara in September and bought it right away (even though it was a hefty price). I love the detailing in it, it looks like a high end designer piece. Lastly, my necklace I purchased several years ago in Florida with my mom at Banana Republic. Banana is my go to place for great jewelry. You wouldn’t know it but they really do have the best pieces.  blogpiclace1blogsize-5019112

Zara jacket, Banana Republic necklace, Zara lace shirt, J Brand jeans, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag 


Swatch watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, YSL ring, Forever 21 Bracelet 

The Marc by Marc Jacobs bag was a gift from my parents years ago. It has studs on it… what more can I say?

blogpiclace3blogsize-7701630 blogpiclace2blogsize-2774538

Sometimes I think I have super hero powers, yea I know I’m awesome. 

blogpiclace4blogsize-6704258 pictureswithcatdressblogsize-5393136

Here are some outfit pictures I had saved and never posted. It’s actually one of my favorite outfits so I just had to share it. This Zara dress I wanted so badly last year. When I saw it on the blogs I knew I had to have it. I scoured the Zara stores in NYC looking for the dress but was unable to find it. I finally purchased it on Ebay. A bit overpriced but definitely worth it, as I absolutely LOVE the pattern.


Zara sweater, J.Crew belt, Zara dress, J. Crew tights, Steve Madden boots, Chloe bag, Forever 21 studd bracelet 


Zara jacket

This jacket I purchased when I was in college. I saw it in the store and called my mom saying I needed it, it was so different than what I had ever seen before. She said not to get it because I had enough coats already. Of course, I purchased it anyways (I know I’m the best daughter). 

ingredientstorisottoblogsize-8953236 step6blogsize-4515803 risottostep3blogsize-9255485 risottostep4blogsize-2108442 risottoblogsize-4405547 chocolatecoveredbananasblogsize-1867910

Another one of the dinners I cooked last week was asparagus and edamame risotto. It was quite delicious and included some unique ingredients like cream cheese! I also melted some chocolate chips in the microwave and made my own ghetto fondue. It was actually quite delicious, but you have to be speedy, the chocolate hardens so quickly! I’ve already planned out some delicious meals for this week and can’t wait to share them on the blog. I know the links have not been updated yet but I will definitely be working on them this week. Cleaning the apartment was more of a task than I had imagined! I hope everyone else’s weekend was great. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Monday! Weekends always fly by don’t they?