August 2011


I’m mentally preparing for Irene. Today at dinner we discussed buying water and perhaps adding some food to our fridge. It would be good to be able to eat in case we can’t go outside. 

On a happier note, I bought this shirt from a store in Sag Harbor while I was out in the Hamptons one weekend. It’s a tourist shirt but has a vintage vibe. I feel weird wearing it because I’ve been going to our house in the Hamptons since I was two, but I gotta represent the home town. 

This skirt was SUCH a good buy from Forever 21. It’s freaking gorgeous and it was cheap… score. 


Adia Kibur necklace, J. Crew Denim vest, Hamptons t-shirt, J. Crew belt, Forever 21 skirt, Zara sandals, Proenza Schouler bag, Karen Walker sunglasses 


Nixon watch, YSL rings


This pose is called, “You can never get this, you can never get this” pose. For those of you who actually know what that’s referencing it’s my mini attempt to be funny. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Having my friend send me a scheduled movie get together on our calendar at work 

2) Going out to dinner with friends 

3) Walking back to the apartment with Ruth talking about the Hunger Games 

4) Reveling in the fact that our apartment is not in an evacuation zone (I’d like to point out I was the one who wanted the apartment in this location, I’m like freaking physic) 

5) Seeing my favorite commercial on television, “We’re Talking Corner Furniture”(the BF and I used to actually rewind the television and dance to the commercial… that man is AWESOME)