Sunday Sale


I have a lot of clothes (I think you all know that by now)… so I’m starting a little thing I like to call Sunday Sale. Each Sunday I’ll post an item for sale and the first to email me about purchasing it is the buyer! I’m hoping in the future to do several flash sales on Sunday but lets see how this goes first! 

Designer: Topshop

Original Price: Approximately $75.00

Your Price: $15.00
Size: US 8

Email me to purchase via Paypal:

*Shipping & Handling is NOT included, the buyer will have to pay those costs as well (approximately $6.00)*


The sweater is so popular even Ms. Fashionista, aka Oliva Palermo, wears it.


There are a few pulls in the sweater, but that’s the nature of the design. 


*Olivia Palermo photos from The Olivia Palermo Lookbook* 

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