fabsugar-1391619 Shirt: Charley 5.0 (similar style here) Leggings: Trouve (similar style here)

So, I’ve got some pretty exciting news… I’m not watching the Superbowl.

 Ok, 1) that’s a lie and 2) that’s not the big news. 

The big news is… I’m now accepting sponsors! Do you want to advertise your blog? How about your store? Well, email me,, and we can discuss rates and get an ad up on my site asap! Want to hear the stats? Check out my new sponsor page on the top of the blog.

Ok, enough chit chat, down to the important stuff… J. Crew makes the best ballet flats. Not only do they make the best, but they come in every color under the rainbow. Great investment? That’s a yes.


Do you love Shopbop? OMG me too! Guess what? I can give you a 100 dollars there for free… check it out.