Skirt: American Apparel

Bag: Balenciaga (similar style here) Belt: Dad’s (similar style here)

I’m trying out this new thing called a diet and it’s killing me. I find myself whining at around 2pm and it doesn’t stop until I’m home for dinner… (my co-workers are clearly loving this). At lunch I proudly heat up my Lean Cuisine pretending it will fill me up for the whole day. Not to bash the diet Gods but that stuff does not last for hours. My stomach is growling about 90 minutes later… but I hold my ground. Soon you won’t even recognize me on this blog. A new Gaby will appear before your eyes.

Is it strange that I’m moved by this whole Jeremy Lin character… I’m even thinking of going to a Knicks game with the BF (don’t tell him, nothing is set in stone). 

Oh hey dad, wearing your belt in this outfit, thanks for letting me borrow it unknowingly. Love ya! 


Alright already, I’ll give you 100 dollars… right this way.