Muster Up Some Mustard


Necklace: J. Crew

Long Necklace: Jewelmint

Skirt: J. Crew

Shoes: American Eagle TGIF! Have any fun plans for this weekend? The BF and I have packed the next couple of days full of goodness… a little thrift shopping, a little decadent brunch, a little pretending to be rich on 5th ave. You know how it goes.

Barbs bought me this skirt for Xmas 2010. Pretty amazing, seeing as mustard is still the talk of the town. She’s freaking clairvoyant, my mother (although it was on my very specific list so perhaps I’m the psychic). 


I honestly cannot believe how wonderful American Eagle has been recently. These shoes are not only stunning but comfortable as well. Oh, and let’s not forget that they were affordable. It doesn’t get better than that.