Old Navy Sandals

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Old Navy is a hidden gem for heeled sandals. At first I was hesitant to buy shoes from Old Navy, and I did pay the price for certain types of shoes they sell. However, their heeled sandals are great and hold up well. The black gladiator pair featured above are my go to fancy sandals for the summer. I don't typically wear a heel, however, the block heel on their sandals is incredibly comfortable. And, like all things at Old Navy, the price of their sandals cannot be beat. 

Pro Tip: Do not buy their flat sandals. Those are the ones I regret purchasing. They fall apart after one or two wears! 


Sharon said...

I really appreciate when you post stuff like this, Gaby. I'm always looking for cheaper and more affordable options for fashion!

Collections said...

@Sharon I'm so glad you enjoy these posts! I have several more created that I will be posting in the coming weeks :)

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